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Camping en Suède

Camping en Suède

Campsites in Sweden

With a stay at a campsite in Sweden you can enjoy unspoilt nature right on your doorstep. Beautiful coniferous forests and clear blue lakes are all around you. Relax and enjoy a special holiday set in the middle of nature. Many of our campsites in Sweden have coloured houses and chalets that are similar in design to local houses. A drömsemestern (dream holiday) in Sweden is ready and waiting for you. Check out our range of

and discover this wonderful Scandinavian country for yourself.

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    Camping in Sweden as a base

    Nature lovers will be in their element with a campsite holiday in Sweden. It's the ideal base to explore this wonderful country. Almost all of our campsites are on or close to a lake or river. There are lots of walking and cycling routes through ancient forests and along the banks of crystal-clear lakes. Explore the regions jagged coastlines, colourful national parks with cascading waterfalls and babbling brooks. You’ll find impressive rock formations that tell the story of the countries ancient geological past.

    Take your caravan or enjoy a wooden chalet in Sweden

    Sweden is just the perfect country for camping. You can enjoy a holiday in a wooden house, go glamping or book a pitch and stay in your own camper or caravan. Just travelling to your campsite is an adventure in itself. You cross vast plains and beautiful views, with cities such as Gothenburg and Stockholm in the distance. Stop off along the way at one of the many lakes and take in the countries natural beauty.

    Explore Swedish waters by canoe or boat

    Sweden has more than 100,000 lakes, so there is always one close to or directly at your campsite. Water activities are therefore easy to access and in abundance. Go canoeing or rent a boat for a great day out. Float in peace and quiet along stunning lakes, with beautiful views around every corner. Hill side churches on the horizon and forested mountains all around, what a magical way to spend your holiday.

    Beautiful campsites in Sweden on a lake

    Thousands of lakes, vast forests and picturesque islands right on your doorstep. Just three reasons why campsite holidays in Sweden are so popular. Book a stay at

    , which is set right on the banks of Lake Sälla, and you can discover nature at its best.

    Rest and relaxation in a traditional sauna

    When you think of Sweden the first thing you may think of is their quality of life. Relaxing in one of their many traditional wood-fired saunas is all part of this. Saunas are great for your health too, the heat relaxes your muscles, ideal after an active walk or bike ride. Plus you get to do this while surrounded by beautiful nature.

    Spot the midnight sun from early June to mid-June

    A campsite holiday in northern Sweden can be very special indeed. Here you can experience the meteorological phenomenon know as the midnight sun, where the sun does not drop below the horizon for the whole day. In Jokkmokk, Sweden, the phenomenon last for 32 consecutive days.

    Visit Stockholm and Malmo en route

    If you are heading to your campsite in Sweden by car, camper or caravan, then make sure to include a stop in Malmö. This bustling city is accessible over the 9 Km long Øresundsbron bridge. This bridge connects Denmark and Sweden and is a construction marvel. Stroll through the city streets and enjoy the views of the Turning Torso (Neo-futurist residential skyscraper), take time for a fika (Swedish coffee) in Lilla Torg and take holiday photos at Malmöhus Castle.

    And don’t forget Stockholm. There is even more to do and see in the Swedish capital. Dance to ABBA tunes! Visit the city’s main Museum, the Royal Palace and Stockholm City Hall. Take a tourist river ride and see the city from the sea. Enjoy a refreshing drink or tasty lunch in Gamla Stan, the Old Town. Explore the medieval city centre and its numerous historic buildings.

    Go off the beaten track

    You won’t have to head far from your

    to properly get off the beaten track. Once you leave the countries colourful towns and cities spectacular scenery awaits. Remote nature is in abundance. Explore wonderful national parks and fabulous countryside and you’ll end up with holiday memories to treasure for ever.